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What is a NIP examination like?

A Very Precise Chiropractic Assessment Technique

The examination involves the integration of very precise chiropractic assessment techniques and detailed neurological examination. This will include specific reflex testing, muscle tests and testing ranges of motion of spinal joints, extremity joints, joints at the front of the body or the cranium. This helps the chiropractor to the exact location to adjust.

Will I hear a cracking or popping noise when I am adjusted?

No – the adjusting techniques used may be different to the mechanical manipulations you may traditionally associate with chiropractic. NIP adjustments are low force by nature and you will not feel or hear any cracking sounds. It is the speed and the specific direction of the thrust that has a direct and profound effect on the nerve supply to and from the involved area. The adjustment is a hold and impulse technique directed to restore normal neurological function without force rather than a mechanical manipulation. Following your adjustments you should see an immediate difference in body function including increased range of motion and increased muscle strength as interference to your nervous system has been reduced.

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